What is it about Cromer that draws me in? Well, for one it’s where I used to holiday as a teenager, and it is also where my mother now lives - but it’s not necessarily just nostalgia or family that brings me back to this quirky English ‘kiss me quick’ town. It’s the characters that wander up and down the promenade - the fishermen who sling their rods over the end of the pier and the kids throwing chips to the seagulls or the older women in their summer hats who fall asleep on the benches overlooking the sea or the teenagers selling candy floss as their weekend jobs. The town itself has its own charm, I love the ‘Cafe de Paris’ hotel sitting on the cliff top, which is worlds apart from its counter part in Monte Carlo! I heard from a local whom I sat chatting to on the pier, ‘Cromer is one of the only places in the world where you can see the sun rise and set over the ocean’ he boasted… I haven’t yet checked this fact out, however, i did sit and watch the sun go down and was mesmerized much like i would be if i was sitting on a tropical island. Ultimately, Cromer has an indistinguishable quality, that is hard to shake and its down to earth charisma will welcome you in with open arms.

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Suzanne Middlemass