BOND STREET (Book No. 1)

A new year and another New Years resolution! My goal this year is to create a photo book (well, a kind of magazine) each month! The aim is too keep my creative juices flowing and by creating a phonebook/magazine I will end up with a final product. It may also lead to creating a larger project but we will have to see by the end of the year! So, My January edition (i.e magazine no. 1.) is about Bond Street in London. Bond Street is a magnet for the rich, famous and fashion conscious Londoners and has a plethora of characters wandering its pavements everyday, so I went out in the wet, cold and sunny winter days and shot different scenes that caught my eye! I am pleased with the results, now only 11 more to go!

Please email me If you would like me to send you more information on this project.

Suzanne Middlemass