I am a Street style and Social documentary photography, based in the UK.

..When I am not travelling the world shooting fashion weeks, I love spending the my time wandering the streets, photographing everyday life.
To date, my career highlights include Authoring my book, titled ‘its All About shoes’, being commissioned by International publications including Vogue, Elle, Glamour and GQ and working for international brands.
I trained as a Fine Art Photographer but it wasn't until a few years later that I turned my hand to documenting Fashion and started working as a professional in the industry.  I get Inspiration from studying people, fashion and places around me, other influences come from  architecture, design and art. However, I also try to surround myself with things that inspire me - I have amassed  a varied collection of whimsical and colourful objects which fill my cabinets and table tops at home.
For me, Photography isn’t work it is a lifestyle choice, I carry a camera around with me everywhere I go, incase I see something I want to shoot! Ultimately there are three things I love, photography, sunshine and funky shoes! Without these things in my life, life would be very dull!

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